Children’s – Walt Disney’s Dumbo

Walt Disney’s Dumbo
Adapted by Teddy Slater
Illustrated by Ron Dias and Annie Guenther

The first book I will introduce this site with is a children’s book that I read to my students.  Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I was excited to find Walt Disney’s Dumbo sitting on my cooperating teacher’s shelf. I saw this on a day that I was teaching by myself and had some extra time that I needed to fill with my students.  I grabbed the book and asked the students how many had seen the movie Dumbo. To this Disney Fan’s horror, less than half of my class knew the story of Dumbo! I could not let this continue any longer, so I sat the kids down and read them the story.

This version of Dumbo is a Golden Book version, but not the standard small Golden Books, this was a larger, full colored picture version.  The story itself was specific and followed along with the movie, except for one part.  As this was a children’s book, they conveniently left out the part about Dumbo and Timothy having interesting dreams about pink elephants caused by the drinking of water infused with a certain beverage.  They just have them walking off happily after visiting Mrs. Jumbo and somehow they end up in a tree. Kinda weird actually!

I have looked on Amazon for this book, but have been unable to find it.  There are many versions of Dumbo out there though that I am sure are just as good! You can see some of the other version that are on Amazon here.

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One Response to Children’s – Walt Disney’s Dumbo

  1. jeswel says:

    Love it! Golden books & children’s books are favorites of mine. I love the detail in the illustrations.

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