Children’s Books – Tangled

Disney’s Tangled
Adapted by Ben Smiley
Illustrated by Victoria Ying

As I reported earlier this week, the 50th Disney Animated feature, Tangled, came out on Blu-Ray and when you bought it at Target, you received a Little Golden Book version of the movie.  When the movie came out on Tuesday, my family was among those who went with our coupon and purchased the film.  Target actually had the book packaged with the blu-ray, which was pretty cool; you did not have to worry about them running out of the books like I heard was the problem with other giveaways at other stores.

Physically, the book is smaller than the typical Golden Book, I’m assuming just because it had to fit into the packaging.  The size sure does not take away from the story though! This book covers all of the major elements of the plot and even some of the minor elements. The only progression of the story that I feel tripped up a little was the love story between Flynn and Rapunzel.  There just does not seem to be enough depth in this version to show the development, but rather they cut to the chase and just say that they love each other.

Some of the characters are not featured, such as Pascal or Maximus. The villains that help Mother Gothel are not in this version and Mother Gothel herself is not in it too much, but it does not take away from the plot as she is in the parts that she needs to be in.

The illustrations are different from the movie animation; the lines are a bit more clear cut but the details are still there.  I was not sure that I was a fan of them when I first looked at the book, but as I have looked at it some more, they have grown on me and sets this version of the story apart from other versions.

Oh! And how could I forget the surprise little gift! In the back of the book, there is a sheet of stickers featuring some of the major characters and a few props. What kid doesn’t like stickers?

Overall rating: I think this was a nice gift to get for free with the movie.  I am not convinced that I would have bought it on my own, but for a free book, I am satisfied with it.  Did you get this book from buying the DVD?  Let me know what you thought!

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