Children’s Books- The Lion King Golden Book

Disney’s The Lion King
Adapted by Justine Korman
Illustrated by Don Williams and H.R. Russell

I know I have review for a Children’s Lion King book already on the site (see review), but the more variety the better I think.  This book I found while looking for a read aloud book in my co-op’s classroom today.  This book is a legitimate Golden Book, complete with the Golden spine.

If I though the last Lion King book that I reviewed was detailed, then this book must be the actual script to the movie! This version of the story actually has dialogue between the characters, a lot of it straight from the movie. This book was very focused on telling the story of the Lion King while the other took a little time to point out the morals in the story. The one change I did notice with this book, they do mention that Scar did fall off a cliff to the hungry hyenas, which is accurate to the movie and was a detail not found in the first book I reviewed.  I also think the illustrations in this book are excellent, I love the expressions on the faces of the characters.

As far as a preference between the two that I have reviewed so far, I can’t say that I have one.  They both tell the story in a very thorough way, but just take different approaches to it.  If you read both of these books to your child, I feel that they will get an accurate retelling of this classic story, which is the ultimate goal. To purchase this book, check out this link, or to purchase this book in the Big Golden Book version, click here.

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