Details: Secrets of Disney’s Glorious Gardens

Secrets of Disney’s Glorious Gardens
By Kevin Markey

In honor of Earth Day and Spring and, well, Easter of course, I thought I would take a look at a very fun, colorful and quite frankly flowery book: Secrets of Disney’s Glorious Gardens!  This book takes you through the different types of plants used on Disney property, why they are used, and how to take care of them so that you can have your own Disney inspired garden at your own home!

While this book is for those who love plant life and everything about it, it’s not just for those, but for everyone who just loves Disney! I am not that much into plants and gardens, so when I first picked up this book, I was afraid that it would be filled with specifications and Latin terms that would be completely over my head.  While some of that is included, this book also tells a story; the story of how Disneyland and Walt Disney World came to be in the eyes of the horticulturalists. The author did an excellent job in making this book not only accurate but basic and easy to read, a great combination for any level of reader expertise.

In this book, they explain why some flowers are planted where they are and how it helps with telling the story of the land.  It even mentions how they got the Haunted Mansion to look so spooky using plants because, really, would the Haunted Mansion be the same if there were daisies and sunflowers around it?

Besides talking about the parks gardens and how wonderful they are, this book even gives some of the tools to you to turn your house into your own personal Disney away from Disney!  They give directions on building an entry arbor, how to make the mix of soil Disney uses and creating effective borders using different plants. They tell you how to choose what plants will grow well in your region, tips on planting trees and flowers that need space and how to make a floating garden.  There are pages and pages of tips for everyone from the active horticulturalist to the common gardener.  Everyone can learn something from this book!

Oh! Ever wanted to make the famous Portrait Mickey outside of the train stations or a life-sized Goofy topiary? This book tells you how to do that too!

If none of this appeals to you yet, there is one other reason you may want to get this book….the Pictures!!!!! This book is covered in full page and two page spreads of gorgeous pictures from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. There are close-ups on all of the gorgeous colors seen within the parks gardens and how they fit into the surroundings.  You are able to see the details of the different Disney gardens around the parks and even some of the places backstage where the garden magic happens!

I have learned a lot from this book and, while I am not a big plant person, it has certainly made me more aware of the plant life around me not only in a Disney park, but around me in my everyday life.  I know after reading this book, I will be paying more attention to the surroundings of the park, where plants are and why they could possibly be there! If you are a big details person or very much into plant life or maybe you are just looking for a colorful Disney book for your coffee table, this is definitely a great book for you!  To purchase this book, head over to the books’ Amazon Page.

And a Very Happy Easter and Spring to everyone!!

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