A Book Lover’s Paradise!

Just has to share a little bit of good luck that I had with my fellow book-lovers.  This past week, I went Ocean City Maryland for some outlet shopping and stumbled upon what might be my most favorite store ever! At first it looked just like a used book store, but it is so much more!

The store is called Book Warehouse and it is a store that has books at a largely discounted rate! A few of the books may be slightly damaged, such as a corner bent, but most of the books are new and in excellent shape for such a good price! Plus, there are tons of different subjects and genres, from history to cooking to, naturally, Disney!

They had a very small selection of books when it came to Disney travel, but there were lots of Disney Children’s books.  Of course, I could not resist picking up some new Walt’s Writers review material from here, and wow did I get a bargain!! For the 7 books pictured, I only spent about $25! I could have gotten more, but I figured that 7 books would keep me busy for a little bit anyway.

There are quite a few of these Book Warehouses around the country, so check their website, book-warehouse.com, for details.

Big lesson for this story; never judge a book store by its exterior!

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