The Imagineering Field Guide Series – Magic Kingdom

The Imagineering Field Guide to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World: An Imagineer’s-Eye Tour
By The Imagineers

Well, its true, the Imagineers did it again. Not that I doubted them or anything, they have an amazing book series going and there is no way they could spoil a good thing by adding the Magic Kingdom do it.  This book is one that brings the magic of the Magic Kingdom to life! The Imagineers walk you around the park and point out so many of the little details that would be otherwise missed.

This book starts out just as the other books in this series have (See my write ups on the Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom books), with the history, WDW disciplines and Lingo.  The first section after all this talks a lot about Disneyland and how Disneyland was the inspiration for “Disneyland East” or “The Florida Project”.  The writers even warn you in this section that there will be many references to Disneyland in this book because of the similarities between the two parks. After this section comes the meat and potatoes of the book, the lands.

This books covers the seven lands, or what were the seven lands of the Magic Kingdom; Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toontown Fair and Tomorrowland.  Yes, Toontown Fair is included in this book, which makes it even more precious now that this land is no more.  Each section goes into detail about the attractions and themeing.  And in the end, as always, is a nicely detailed map of the park and a bibliography.

When you are reading this book, for instance, in the Main Street U.S.A. section, you feel as though you are walking down the street on a private tour.  Details are pointed out and it almost makes you feel like you are there.  The pictures and concept art sprinkled throughout the pages are great too at helping to illustrate the points being made.  That is something that I have lacked in mentioning in previous posts about this series; the Imagineers do an incredible job at providing pictures or illustrations when they are needed to explain something.  They even have actual concept art that is thrown into the pages so that we can get a glimpse into their world of creation.

What I learned from this book:

  • Those who get windows on Main Street get mini versions of them in a special ceremony on Main Street
  • Jungle Cruise is on the Amazon, Nile, Congo and Mekong rivers
  • Bricks from old buildings in Downtown Orlando were used in Liberty Square
  • The Haunted Mansion is in a different land in every park around the world
  • The Fantasyland Carrousel was from a company in Philadelphia
  • Wow is it hard to build a cartoon-looking building!
  • The Astro Orbiter spins at 11 RPM and travels about 600,000 miles per year!

I absolutely enjoyed reading about this classic park and all of the similarities to its California counterpart.  It not only makes me appreciate more about Florida’s Magic Kingdom, but it makes me want to plan a trip to Cali right now!

Find out for yourself the wonders of the Magic Kingdom by getting your copy of The Imagineering Field Guide to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World–Updated! today on Amazon.

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