Children’s Book: The Emperor’s New Groove

Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove
Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading

This is one of my newer books and comes from the lovely Disney collection, Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading.  I am a fan of this collection of books because it takes the movies that the children love and puts them into book form, allowing them to practice their reading while envisioning their favorite films.

This version of The Emperor’s New Groove follows the film very closely, as expected.  Many of the details are in the story, including some of the actual movie dialogue! If your child is anything like my sister, they will read the dialogue in the same tone as the character in the movie, which can be quite comical.  The illustrations are taken right out of the film, so naturally the quality and accuracy are prominent. If this is a favorite movie of your child, this is a great book to add to their collection.  They can re-live the movie over and over again without wearing out the DVD.

This is only the first of many Wonderful World of Reading books I plan on reviewing.  If you have a favorite one of these books, please let me know and I will look through my collection of books to find and review it. And, if by some chance, I do not have that book, I will find where to get it!

To get Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove, click the link and buy it very cheaply on Amazon.


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