Children’s Books: The Rescuers Down Under

Disney’s The Rescuers Down Under
Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading

Another from the Movie-to-book collection, The Rescuers Down Under was a nice read for me recently.  I have not seen this movie in a long time and it was nice to get a reminder of the plot.

Just as in the similar books, there is actual dialogue from the movie intermingled with the paragraphs and the images are very accurate.  There are two parts of the movie that were not completely represented in this book though; the scene with Wilbur in the doctor and the jealously felt by Bernard because of the way Jake was acting to Bianca.  I can understand the part of the doctor would be hard to put into the book, but the jealously could have had a better representation.  These two missing elements do not spoil the plot in the book though, it flows well and for those who have never seen the movie, they will fully understand the plot.

To get a copy of this book, just click the following link: Disney’s The Rescuers Down Under (Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading)


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