Details: Windows on Main Street

Windows on Main Street
by Chuck Snyder

This is the first of a few books that I bought while in Walt Disney World this past July. This book is all about the stories of the people who Disney thought important enough to put on a window in Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

The 23 page book starts with a forward by Marty Sklar, a legend in his own right, who goes over the history and rules behind the windows.  This is immediately followed by an introduction and then goes right into the book, giving the descriptions of each person, in alphabetical order, who appear on windows in Walt Disney World, Disneyland or both.

The information given is just a small blurb, but it is enough to let the readers know why these people are honored in such a memorable and unique way. There are also explanations of some of the descriptions on the windows, such as if the company the person had on their window was a joke related to a hobby of theirs.

After all of the descriptions, there is a map of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Main Street and it is labeled where each person has a window.  I am really contemplating taking this book next time I go to one of the Main Streets and figuring out where everyone is!

For Disney history lovers, or for those who are just curious what the heck those windows on Main Street say, this is a great book for you! It can be found in many stores in Walt Disney World, including World of Disney, the Emporium, Mouse Gears, and many of the resort stores. If you aren’t going to Walt Disney World any time soon, you could get this book on at this link: Windows on Main Street: Discover the Real Stories of the Talented People Featured on the Windows of Main Street, U.S.A. but I am going to warn you, this price is more expensive than if you bought it down in the parks.

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