Touring Guides: Birnbaum Guides Disneyland 2011

Birnbaum Guides Disneyland 2011
Edited By Jill Safro

This book is one that I have used to help me to prepare for my very first visit to Disneyland for the D23 Expo. It is the Official Guide of Disneyland and, just as its sister book, the Birnbaum Guide for Walt Disney World, it is filled with great information for your travels.

As always, let’s begin with the basics, a table of contents and index.  Both are included in this book, a good start for sure. Each chapter has a mini Table of Contents as well to help navigate the chapter.

Just as the Walt Disney World book, this book is full of color.  There are colored pictures and illustrations on just about every page. The detailed pictures of the attractions have helped me to get a visual for what the park looks like. The maps throughout the book are quite colorful and detailed as well, featuring maps of Disneyland, California Adventure, Southern California and Orange County.

The first section of this book is Getting Ready To Go. This section has lots of planning information for the first-time visitor, including Crowd Calendars, Weather Patterns, Special Events list, package information, budget information, ticket information, traveling with and without children, disabilities information, travel information, trip planning timeline and schedule touring plans.

The Accommodations section goes over the wide variety of hotel options in the area.  The first part talks about the three Disney resorts; The Grand Californian, Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. After this are the Good Neighbor hotels, the dozens of hotels around the Disney property that have great deals with Disney.  There are a pretty good amount of information on many of the Good Neighbor resorts, but in case none of those work for you, there is another list at the back of the chapter with even more resorts for you to choose from.

Now comes the information on the two theme parks, Disneyland and California Adventure. After the map, there is a section with tips to familiarize yourself with the park and information that guests may need, and then the lands are named along with their attractions. The attractions have relatively detailed write-ups. Throughout these two sections are Hot Tip green boxes with suggestions for future park goers; some of these are really awesome!

Just as in its sister book, the food information is not mixed within the park sections, but in its own section called Good Meals, Great Times. All of the snack, quick service and table service restaurants are listed in this section with descriptions and pricing information for each as well as what meals are served there. This section also has an entertainment list for the resorts and Downtown Disney.

The last section of this book is the Sports. This talks about where around Anaheim you can participate in sports.  There are not any sports choices on Disney property, so you do have to travel the area to get to them. The last pages of this book have coupons and a page for notes.

Here is your touring book summary:

Table of Contents and Index: Yes
Photos: Yes, with lots of color on every page
Maps: Yes, of Disneyland, California Adventure, Southern California and Orange County
Resort Details: Several lists of hotels with pretty detailed information
Dining Details: A whole chapter devoted to it with a decent amount of detail
Attraction Details: A write up on each and a picture for many
Downtown Disney Details: A little Detailed
Other Information: Packing Suggestions, Tickets and pricing, weather, special event details, tips for traveling with children, solo and with disabilities, suggested schedules, tips sprinkled throughout the book, coupons

I found this book to be a great help with planning my first trip, hopefully you will as well! To buy the book at a pretty good price, check it out on Amazon here: Birnbaum’s Disneyland Resort 2011

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  1. Christi Bunn says:

    Hi Jill,

    Saw you in “The Box” at D23 Expo. Love this blog!! Congratulations on your new job… I am sure you will be great with those kids!

    Christi (aka BamaChristi from Lou’s Box)

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