The Imagineering Field Guide Series – Epcot

The Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World: An Imagineer’s-Eye Tour
By The Imagineers

I know, you guys thought I forgot about this book in the series, but don’t worry, I hadn’t.  I was just taking my time looking through it because this is my favorite book in the series! As much as I love the Magic Kingdom park, Epcot is a very very close second and this book went into detail about my favorite parts of Epcot, the details!

Just as the other three books (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) this book begins with a intro into the history of Imagineering as well and the Disciplines and Lingo that helps readers understand the book. After this comes the information on Epcot; how it came to be, what ideas led to its creations, what the heck the name means! Having researched this background information in the past, I was delighted to find the level of detail this part of the book goes into as far as explaining what the original city of Epcot was supposed to look like.

The next parts of the book cover the actual areas of the park, including Future World Central, Future World East, Future World West and World Showcase. The individual pavilions and attractions in each section have their own pages within these headings and talk about their creation and what makes them so unique. The back of the book has a bibliography page and a full color map. There are pictures and diagrams throughout the book to help explain the details that the book explains.

I have recently been on a behind-the-scenes tour of Epcot and, to my surprise, some of what I had learned on that tour was in this book! When we walked past Test Track, I remember my tour guide talking about the amount of processing power the cars have and how complex the systems are.  That just shows you how detailed the Imagineers are in these books. In my opinion, it definitely makes it worth the read.

What I learned from this book:

  • The inside of Spaceship Earth is just as complicated as the outside, even for the maintenance workers!
  • Test Track is the fastest attraction in any Disney park at 65 mph!
  • The technical name for the leapfrog fountain technology is laminar flow
  • Ever feel crowded coming out of Reflections of China? That street was made like that on purpose!
  • The American Adventure Pavilion uses 4 different shades of white on the outside…did you even know there was 4 different shades of white?

If it was possible, I think this book made me love and appreciate Epcot even more than I already do.  This has been true about every book in this series! All four of these books have such detail and information and, for me, have been page turners.

If you are interested in purchasing The Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World just click on the link. Make sure to check out the other three articles as well on the other books in this series.

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