Children’s Books: Atlantis-The Lost Empire

Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading

I am really enjoying reviewing these books because it helps remind me of Disney movies that I have not seen in quite a while.  This book is a prime example.  Atlantis is one of the Disney movies that I was never very intrigued to watch as a child, so I might have seen it once but do not really remember it.

The Wonderful World of Reading books are so detailed in the storyline that it really does help to remind you of what the plot is. The dialogue even gives hints to some of the classic and comical lines throughout the movie. Reading this book, I was reminded about Milo’s appointment being changed, each of the unique characters and how the Atlantis people didn’t know how to use the vehicles until Milo got there.

Do you remember this movie or have you read this book? What is your favorite part? If you are interested in purchasing this book, check out this Amazon link: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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